Check out these extras that deliver the conveniences of E! Power to you.
E! Power Pak E! Power Fan
E! Power
Reading Light
Floor Saver –
Ground Cover
E! Power Wet/Dry
E! Power 12v
Adapter Cord
Simply hook up the portable/rechargeable 12-volt E! Power Pak (sold separately), then plug into any of the outlets. Shelters feature on/off switches and are prewired, so there is no extra set-up. Safe and unobtrusive, each outlet is illuminated and doubles as a nightlight.
N!ergy 1310
Our largest N!ergy tent – fully wired with electric power.
Sleeps 10 comfortably. View product details
$369.90Buy Now
N!ergy 1210
Two rooms, sleeps eight comfortably and wired built-in
E! Power electricity. View product details
$279.90Buy Now
N!ergy 9
Our coziest E! Powered home away from home lets you
plug in outdoors. View product details
$209.90Buy Now
N!ergy 1210 Screen House
Built to handle anything from backyard to backcountry,
and fully wired with E! Power View product details
$209.90Buy Now